What is special transportation?

Based on Article 2 of the Law on public roads, extraordinary transportation (special transportation) is considered as the transportation by vehicle which alone or with loading exceeds the axial load permitted by regulations, total mass, width, length or height, within the scope of the Law on public roads, which is applied from January 01,2006.

What are the maximum allowed dimensions?

Maximum allowed length of vehicles and cargo is

• 12.00 m for the truck (single vehicle)
• 16.50 m for a saddle vehicle (tractor plus the semitrailer)
• 18.50 m for a truck with trailer (road train)
• Maximum width of vehicles and cargo 2,50 m
• Maximum height of vehicles and cargo 4.00 m

What is the maximum allowed weight?

The maximum allowed total weight of vehicles and cargo, that is combination of vehicles with loading is 40 tons.

What is the maximum allowed axial load?

Maximum allowed axial load:

• 10 tons for single axle
• 8 tons per axle for multiple axle

In the event that the axial distance of multiple axle between two (2) adjacent axles is greater than 2.00 m, then it is considered as a single axle.

When you need a technical escort for special transportation?

Accompanying the special transportation is required for all types of special transportation without exception, unless otherwise determined by special act. Formation of a convoy is not allowed for special transportation, except when it is established by special act on the basis of estimates of the competent authority.

When you need a police escort for special transportation?

Police escort for special transportation is required in cases when:

• the total length of the vehicle and load is greater than 25.00 m
• the total width of the vehicle and load is greater than 3.50 m out of the highway, up to 4.00 m on the highway
• overall height of the vehicle and load is greater than 4.50 m
or when it is otherwise defined due to inadequate road conditions on the whole route or part of it, weather disasters and others.

When you are not allowed to perform special transportation?

Special transportation is performed only during the day and at good visibility, unless the competent authority has issued a special permit which clearly states the reasons and conditions for the same.

Performance of special transportation is prohibited on the weekend:
• Friday from 12 a.m. till 06 p.m. on Saturday
• Sundays from 12 a.m. till 06 p.m. on Monday

During the holidays it is forbidden to perform special transportation:
• the day before the holiday from12 a.m. till 06 p.m. on the first day of the holiday
• the last day of holiday from 12 a.m. until 06 p.m. on the first day after the holiday

When it is necessary to obtain an expert opinion (expertise) for special transportation?

Expert opinion (expertise) of the "Institute for Highways” and “Institute for Bridges” is required:

On regional roads:
For vehicles and cargo which total mass exceeds 80 t

On main roads and motorways:
For vehicles and cargo which total weight exceeds 100 tons

Expert opinion (expertise) of the “Institute for Roads" is necessary:
For cargos which width is greater than 5m.

When the competent authority estimates that road conditions require additional analysis (weather disasters, road averages and similar)