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Global Karavan Ltd is a company specialized for special and oversized transportation.
With the main office in Belgrade, in the heart of the region of Southeast Europe and activity directed both to the East and West, we are covering the territory of whole Europe and Asia and are in the opportunity to offer you optimal solutions in the field of special transportation i transportation of heavy cargos.
The long-range experience in the world of oversized transportation and many performed special transportations is a guarantee that we will answer to your request maximum professional and economical rational.

An important part of our offer is also creating of permissions for oversized transportation, as well as services of escort of oversized transportation. The field of our activity is also goods transportation according to the system from door to door, understanding also other aspects, e.g. ship transportation, container transportation, airplane transportation etc., as well as transportation of dangerous materials of all categories.

Send us your inquiry and/or order, and we will answer you as soon as possible and suggest you our opinion for your special transportation.

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Special transportation

Global Karavan Ltd. Special transportation is a transportation company specialized for transportation of oversized loads that exceed, by its characteristics, the classic transportation solutions. Special transportation means fast and efficient delivery of all types and sizes of construction and operating machines, equipment, boilers, silos, metal and other oversized constructions, by our vehicle or vehicles of our partners.

After considering all the facts, we will examine and choose the most suitable route for the special transportation, and provide all conditions for execution of the oversized transportation, and finally, in the optimal way, deliver the goods to the end user. During the special transportation, we will take care of the basic principle and that is the safety of all participants and the goods, what we achieve by preventive action and experience of trained employees and adequate insurance. A variety of executed special transportation is behind us, and we still expect real challenges in the future, willing to accept the implementation of transportation of oversize cargo and the largest dimensions. Send us your request for special transportation and expect a quick and high-quality response.

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Freight transportation

In addition to special transportation, Global Karavan also offers transportation of all other types of goods by system from door to door with the possibility of reloading, storage and customs clearance where it is suitable to you. We're accepting goods anywhere in the world, we offer the optimum choice of means and by combination thereof, when necessary, with the support of our associates, we bring goods in the optimal way to the customer.

Contact us, tell us what goods you have and where on our part you can expect advice and an optimal solution, and then you can return to that what you do best and let professionals in this business do what they know best, and that is goods and special transportation. Send us your request for goods transportation and expect a quick and high-quality response.

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Permissions and escort

Special transportations - permits and escorts Based on Article 48 of the Law on public roads, extraordinary or special transportation, at transport by road in the territory of the Republic of Serbia, i.e. international transport by road, can be done on public roads on the basis of a special permit, issued by the competent authority for each extraordinary transportation, and which determines the manner and conditions of special transportation, as well as the amount of compensation for the same.

Global Karavan Ltd. Special transportation obtains special permits and provides technical escorts by their own vehicles in Serbia and Montenegro, and with the support of a wide network of associates throughout Europe and Asia. Depending on the dimensions of the special transportation, also police escort can be engaged. By involvement of our team in the special transportation you show trust to professionals and you can focus again on what you do best. Trained escorts with adequately equipped new vehicles will give you safety during special transportations and will guide you confidently and safely to the goal, using their own experience and the relevant data base with which complicated things are made simple and dangerous things secure. Send us your request for permission for special transportation and escort, and expect a quick and high-quality response.

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Global Karavan Ltd. Special transportation was founded with the aim of quality and responsible approach to trying to find the most optimal solutions for customers, so that their goods will arrive at the destination quickly, safely and economically, with the emphasis on special transportation. We will offer you reliable and favourable solutions for transportation / special transportation of oversized cargo from place A to place B, across Europe and Asia, whether by our vehicle or by the support of our domestic and foreign partners, with taking all necessary actions to fully protect your interest. Safety is a fundamental principle of special transportation, and consequently our actions, which along with the reliability and efficiency is the foundation on which further development and goals are planned. Present Global Karavan is a confirmation of the correctness of our desires, working without quarter and aspirations to begin with own forces the implementation of our ideas about a modern company ready for high achievements in the field of transportation with special emphasis on special transportation. From this year, Global Karavan is officially a transportation company with its own capacity for special transportation. The future of Global Karavan and our solutions in the special transportation is based on the work and renunciation, and further development both in technical and personnel meaning, with the aim of achieving even better business results to the satisfaction of both clients and associates, and ourselves. Trust of our many clients and previous experience in special transportation confirms that by engagement of our team you can continue to focus on what you do best and let us do what we do best, and that is - special transportation.